Become a Shoutout Affiliate or Partner

Become a ShoutOut Affiliate

As a ShoutOut free subscriber, you are eligible to become an Affiliate. Via your organisation page, you simply select some of our many affiliate pages and you are ready to start earning a 5% commission from your affiliate link.

Become a ShoutOut Partner

As a paid subscriber you are automatically eligible to become a ShoutOut Partner and be one of the first to join our global community. Being a Partner enables you to set up 'a business in a box' quickly and easily.

The Process

After you sign up, you simply switch on your desired affiliate links and input your company details and logo. ShoutOut will automatically generate your custom affiliate pages, with your Logo, information and contact details. You can either choose some of our many standard packages such as wedding, party and events or create your own custom packages. A custom package means you can also create the video templates associated with that package.

There are three ways to earn revenue from being a ShoutOut Partner


Partners receive a generous percentage of any ShoutOut package purchased through your affiliate page and through your customers affiliate page.


ShoutOut Partners can charge additional fees for managing campaigns and designing video templates. For example, you can create the branding for a specific organisation or individual's video, link it to a custom affiliate page and send that page to the customer to sign up. When they sign up they are ready to go using the templates you designed for them.


You or any members of your team can film trade shows, events, festivals or parties and produce highlight videos, social and compilation videos using ShoutOut. You can also attend events as facilitators to encourage people to film their own videos.

Commission Structure

Partners receive a generous percentage of any ShoutOut package purchased through your affiliate page. We work on a two tier system.

Tier one

Tier one is your customers who register or buy a product directly via your affiliate page. You receive 10% commission for Individual subscribers 15% for Creator subscribers and 20% for Pro subscribers.

Tier two

Tier two Is people who register or buy a product through your customers' affiliate pages.

5% commission for Individual subscribers 7.5% for Creator subscribers and 10% for Pro subscribers. As you can see, there is a huge opportunity to create a significant passive income.

Our cookies last three months so even if people register via a ShoutOut landing page within a month of visiting your affiliate page, the sale will still be attributed to you.

Our motto is 'Video for All'. We would love you to join the growing group of people who are earning extra income by providing the valuable service of making high-quality video a possibility for everyone.

ShoutOut can be the perfect side hustle for anyone or a valuable addition to your existing business.

Try for free and if you like what you see, become a ShoutOut Partner.

Anyone can be a ShoutOut affiliate or partner

Creative Agencies | Social Media Agencies | Video Production Companies | Wedding Videographers | Event Companies | Entertainers | Artists | Wedding Planners | Funeral Parlours | Party Planners | Videographers | Photographers | Influencers

ShoutOut enables anyone to earn extra income via an affiliate page.

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  • 750 MB
  • Name caption support
  • Automatic compilation video builder
  • Native social sharing
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