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Shoutout for Virtual Events and Webinars

Introducing Shoutout, the groundbreaking automated video creation and distribution platform.

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Shoutout is simple, anyone can produce a professional video in seconds.

Webinars and virtual events have become more popular due to Covid 19, however making attendee testimonial videos or speaker videos remotely has been problematic, until now.

Capture multiple types of video at your webinar or virtual event, remotely.

Send your participants a URL, they record a video clip, add their details and Shoutout automatically creates a finished video with a name caption, titles, logo and optional music. You can then download the video or share natively on social media or even automatically turn it into a compilation testimonial video.

1. Send speakers a URL so they can record a video that publicises your event. Both you and they can share it on social media, leveraging your speakers network.

2. Send a URL or display a QR code on screen at the end of your webinar for your audience to record testimonial video clips for you to share or compile into a summary video of your webinar. These videos are perfect to drive traffic to future webinars.

3. Send your audience a URL before your event so they can record their question to the panel to incorporate into your event. Let your audience see the person asking the question, complete with name caption and your branding.

4. Ask your delegates their opinion on subjects discussed in your webinar. Send them a URL before, during or after the event to record their options. These videos can be incorporated into your webinar as talking points or shared on social media to prompt discussion and help create a buzz around your events.

Example Videos

See how it works


Record a short video on your phone, remember to record horizontal


Open Shoutout with the QR code or link


Upload your video and follow the simple instructions


Your branded demo video will appear on your phone and be sent to your email.

How It Works

Create your campaign, send participants a URL to record their video clips, then Shoutout automatically creates branded videos with music, graphics and name captions to share.


Build your video template easily using your choice of intro, outro, logo, graphic overlay and name caption.

Either upload your own elements or use our library of videos and music. Shoutout videos can be wide, portrait or square.


Invite participants to record video clips via our custom email, QR code or URL.

There are two types of participants.

1 People that film themselves, for example, customers, speakers, members or event attendees.

2 People who film clips or interviews, for example, journalists, social media managers, marketing, sales or event staff. You can build an army of people to easily feed you video and image content to manage in your Shoutout dashboard.


Participants can easily film video clips on a smartphone via the URL. There is no app to install. They record, trim, add a name caption, and press upload.

These video clips get instantly combined with your branding elements and some patent pending magic to create a professional quality sharable video.


In a few seconds, your participants get a video they can share, or you can decide to approve it first.

Via your dashboard, you can automatically combine your incoming video clips together to create many other types of video such as highlight videos, testimonial videos or compilation videos. No editing experience is needed.

Link your social media accounts to Shoutout to share all your videos and images natively.


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Our Subscription Pricing


5 Videos2 Templates
  • Name caption support
  • 10 video clip recordings or 5 videos
  • Automatic compilation video builder
  • Native social sharing
  • Multiple users


£19 / month£179 / year
25 Videos5 Templates
  • Name caption support
  • 50 video clip recordings or 25 videos per month
  • Automatic compilation video builder
  • Native social sharing
  • Multiple users
  • Branded affiliate pages


£99 / month£799 / year
150 Videos10 Templates
  • Name caption support
  • 400 video clips or 200 videos per month
  • Automatic compilation video builder
  • Native social sharing
  • Multiple users
  • Branded affiliate pages


£499 / month£4000 / year
1500 Videos100 Templates
  • Name caption support
  • 3000 video clips or 1500 videos per month
  • Automatic compilation video builder
  • Native social sharing
  • Multiple users
  • Branded affiliate pages
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