Localisation and Reversioning

Localise your content for partners and resellers

Empower your resellers and partners to create their own videos using your approved branding.

Send out existing marketing material to personalise with their contact details and logos. Ensure all your videos are brand compliant and centralise your video marketing campaigns to scale your video production quickly and cost effectively.


"ShoutOut is much cheaper and faster than traditional video production, and this has enabled event video to be a reality for us for the majority of our events, even the smaller ones."

David Stringer-Lamarre, Chairman, IoD London Region

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ShoutOut's new way is scalable, inexpensive & easy to use

The new way to localise your video marketing content for partners, resellers, sales teams and affiliates.


Empower your teams to localise and personalise video assets and distribute new video assets to entire teams immediately.


ShoutOut can scale as you do, from a handful of resellers to thousands world wide. Empower your resellers to personalise your content simply and easily using your approved branding and layouts. With ShoutOut you no longer need to do all the versioning and localisation in house.

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ShoutOut can be set up and scaled quickly and easily. Our multi user cloud based workflow integrates into your existing workflow.

How it works

  • Upload your marketing videos and define personalisation
  • Invite partners to join
  • They personalise the videos and download
How it works

Multiple video types and sizes available

A new way of shooting branded videos

Wave goodbye to the days of expensive production crews, kit and technology.
ShoutOut has ripped up the rule book. Welcome to a new way of shooting and sharing branded videos.

  • Branded videos as they were
  • Personalise in house
  • Time consuming workflow
  • Generic video content
  • ShoutOut's New Way
  • Send to partners and resellers to localise
  • Send new video assets to all your partners instantly
  • Personalise content with logos, contact details, email address and images.

A complete automated production solution

ShoutOut’s flexible template based solution means you can make a single video or hundreds of videos automatically. Create them yourself or invite people to record via a link QR code or widget.

With ShoutOut you can create:


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Package Includes:

  • 2 Video campaign branding templates
  • Approx 15 video activations
  • 750 MB
  • Name caption support
  • Automatic compilation video builder
  • Native social sharing
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