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The perfect tool to promote in person and virtual events using video. Create speaker videos, highlight videos and testimonial videos automatically in seconds. No more fuss.


"ShoutOut performed really well and was a welcome addition to the Broadcast Awards."

Conor Dignam CEO Media Business Insight

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ShoutOut's new way is scalable, inexpensive & easy to use

ShoutOut enables your event staff and attendees to film video clips and take photographs and upload to ShoutOut. These video clips get instantly turned into professional quality branded videos to share on social media.


From SMEs looking to make their first video to Enterprise organisations looking to scale their video production while keeping control of their branding. ShoutOut has


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ShoutOut's cloud based automated system means you can start creating videos in minutes using our simple onboarding process.

Simple to use cloud based automated video creator

Send out upload links to build an army of people to feed you video content

How it works

  • Build your branding template
  • Send a link to record and upload
  • In seconds, ShoutOut creates finished videos automatically!
How it works

Multiple video types and sizes available

Enable your Exhibitors to create their own event branded videos

Use ShoutOut before your event, during your event and after your event!

A new way of shooting branded videos

Attract more delegates, Attract more exhibitors.
ShoutOut is cheaper and faster than traditional video production. Showcase the authentic voice of your delegates, speakers and exhibitors and leverage their social network.

  • Branded videos as they were
  • Share videos after your event
  • One highlight video
  • Testimonial video
  • Siloed content
  • Single videographer
  • Time consuming editing process
  • Expensive video production
  • ShoutOut's New Way
  • Share videos while the event is still happening
  • Multiple highlight videos posted throughout the day
  • Post Testimonial videos immediately
  • Cloud based collaborative content production
  • Multiple team members creating content
  • Instant automated videos
  • Video as a revenue stream from sponsorship

Fully managed service package

As well as creating your own video, ShoutOut also provides a fully managed trade show and event service.

We build your branding templates, send trained staff to record video clips from exhibitors, delegates and speakers and produce videos automatically for your social media manager to approve and share instantly.

With ShoutOut you can create:

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Package Includes:

  • 2 Video campaign branding templates
  • Approx 15 video activations
  • 750 MB
  • Name caption support
  • Automatic compilation video builder
  • Native social sharing
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