ShoutOut for attractions

Enable your visitors to create and share videos online. It's a video booth without the booth.


Increase your online presence by enabling visitors to share short branded videos showing themselves at your attraction and create highlight videos yourself quickly and easily.

Roller coasterFerris wheel
Roller coaster

1. Visitor social videos

Roller coaster

Just upload your branding design to ShoutOut and display QR codes for visitors to scan then record and upload their video clip.

Visitor social videos

ShoutOut then creates the personalised branded video automatically in seconds for your visitor to share on social. Complete with your branding and hashtags.

Let your visitors share the fantastic time they are having with their entire social network.

With ShoutOut there is no equipment to maintain and visitors can use their own devices to share.

Visitor social videos
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Ferris wheel

2. Highlight and compilation videos

Ferris wheel
Highlight and compilation videos

With ShoutOut you can also create compilation videos of your visitors having fun or testimonial compilations.

Create or upload your branding template.

Highlight and compilation videos

Film various video clips or take photos on a smartphone.

Highlight and compilation videos

Upload to ShoutOut then create a branded compilation video automatically.

Highlight and compilation videos

There are no editing skills needed and any staff member can create these shareable videos quickly and easily. Because ShoutOut is cloud based, you can have multiple people filming on smartphones and feeding them to your social media manager to post using ShoutOut’s native sharing functionality.

Highlight and compilation videos

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Package Includes:

  • 2 Video campaign branding templates
  • Approx 15 video activations
  • 750 MB
  • Name caption support
  • Automatic compilation video builder
  • Native social sharing
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