Who is ShoutOut aimed at?

ShoutOut is for organisations or individuals. We have multiple products with very specific use cases.

How much can I customise my videos?

You can customise your intro, outro, overlay and music. Enterprise customers have many more customisation options.

If you are a video message customer, we simplify the process by asking you to select a template and then add text. However, from the ShoutOut dashboard, you can upload or create your intro, outro and overlay if needed.

Can I upload my own music?

Yes, you can, however, you must not share videos that include commercial music publicly. It is against our T&Cs, against the law and not fair to the performers and writers. Remember intellectual property theft is not a victimless crime. The ShoutOut music library is licensed and can be shared publicly.

Can I record any length of video clip?

Good question and the answer is no in most instances. We have limited ShoutOut Video clips to under 25 seconds to stop videos getting too dull and we have limited compilation videos to a length of 20 minutes for the same reason. However, you can make multiple compilation videos if you need to. We also have an extended clip feature for premium subscribers that enables longer video uploads.

What do you mean by trim?

When a participant records a video they can trim the start and end to remove them switching the camera on and off. You can also trim clips from the ShoutOut dashboard if your participant has messed it up or if you want to shorten their message. This is a powerful feature to edit down individual clips to make more impactful video and compilation videos.

Is it really easy to use?

It really is! We have spent a lot of time making it super easy to use. It's worth reading through the help text at the start though, just so you understand the logic.

Video message users may see a lot of features that they won’t need, like native sharing, logo upload and QR codes but we have left them in so they can see the full power of ShoutOut.

What is a template?

A template defines the look and behaviour of each video and compilation video. You choose the intro, outro, music and video overlay for each template as well as options like name captions and clip recording. Each template has its own associated URL that gets sent to participants to record a video clip

What is the difference between a video and a video clip?

You can save a video clip on ShoutOut as well as generating a video. When you save a clip it does not get automatically turned into a video but instead is ready to become part of a compilation video. These clips can be with or without sound.

About the company

What is the company philosophy?

Our mission is to make professional quality video available to everyone.

Who is the team behind ShoutOut?

Our founder has been producing content for 35 years and was nominated for a BAFTA. ShoutOut is based on years of figuring out how to automate the process of making engaging videos. ShoutOut is simple but not easy. We have a combination of young talented individuals and more experienced hands. We like to think ShoutOut is where psychology meets technology and we are constantly innovating. Our sister company makes more traditional videos for some of the largest companies on the planet.

Where is the company based?

We are based in London but we have fully embraced remote working so we have teammates from all over the place.

Why do you not have a downloadable app?

Hmm yes, we get that a lot. We think the convenience of a web app outweighs the small operational advantages of an app. If people are participating in a video we feel it is just too much to ask them to download an app. We know apps are cool but we just don’t need one.


What is a ShoutOut subscriber?

With ShoutOut you can pay for a one-off service or subscribe monthly or yearly. Being a subscriber means you are eligible to become an affiliate or a partner.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, if you are unhappy with your video, we will give you a refund.


How do I become a ShoutOut affiliate?

Subscribe to ShoutOut, agree to the T&Cs and you are in. You will find the affiliate page in the organisation menu on the dashboard. Just create your affiliate pages and start earning through ShoutOut. Even free subscribers can have unbranded affiliate pages.

What is a ShoutOut partner?

As a paid subscriber you are eligible to create branded affiliate pages and provide other ShoutOut services to customers. For example, you can create a custom template, add it to an affiliate page and send that page to a customer. They can then register and the template will be available to them to use. Being a ShoutOut partner is a fantastic way to earn extra income by providing additional services to your customers

How much commission can I earn?

Free subscribers earn 5%, individuals earn 10%, creators earn 20% and professionals earn 30% commission on all purchases via their affiliate links.

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