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Your Partnerships is a networking company which helps businesses to connect and offer one another support on a local, national, and global scale. Throughout lockdown they have been running wide-reaching online events, and prior to lockdown would host face-to-face networking events, activities and workshops.


Consistently Branded Marketing for Franchises

Your Partnerships operates incredibly widely, with local partners offering their own networking events all over the UK and beyond.

The company wanted to encourage their local partners to create their own video content to promote the organisation - such as testimonials and event invitations - whilst keeping their core branding consistent.


ShoutOut has enabled all our global parters to make videos promoting our worldwide events

- David Brock, Founder, Your Partnerships

ShoutOut Solution

ShoutOut offers ‘franchisor’ and ‘franchisee’ accounts, meaning that Your Partnerships can create video campaign templates and send them to their partners accounts. This makes the video making process simple for the partners and ensures all videos are brand compliant.


ShoutOut has allowed Your Partnerships and its partners to expand their social media presence by posting regular video content, and interact with its members in a more personal way.

Particularly, ShoutOut has made it easy for Your Partnerships to collect video testimonials from its members as part of their online marketing strategy. They can now share the genuine enthusiasm of their network members on any social media platform, and showcase the varied skills and experience their members are able to offer.

ShoutOut’s simple user interface means any partner can create videos quickly and easy and send links to members to create video testimonials. ShoutOut also enables members to capture testimonials at the end of a virtual network session by simply displaying a QR code on screen, keeping a consistent brand identity over thousands of people in many countries around the globe.

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