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The Great British Entrepreneur Awards was launched in 2012, their aim to create a platform that celebrated and championed the entrepreneurs behind some of the United Kingdom’s brilliant businesses.

As their alumni continued to grow, they realised that this programme was far more than ‘just’ an awards ceremony. Instead, they were at the helm of a community and thriving eco-system, providing all year-round support and opportunities for winners and finalists to connect and showcase their businesses.


Video at a virtual event

The 2020 awards was, not surprisingly, a virtual event and there were 3,500 applications for these prestigious awards. As this was a virtual event GBEA wanted to offer the nominees the opportunity online to tell their stories. Creating videos of nominees and winners is logistically tricky but at a virtual event it's even more difficult.

"We are not really able to send a camera crew to peoples living rooms to record videos, yet for virtual events video is arguably even more important"


ShoutOut was a great addition to our awards. We managed to make over 100 videos, automatically, showcasing our nominees and their businesses.

- Francesca James, Founder, Great British Entrepreneur Awards

ShoutOut Solution

The awards campaign was sponsored by 3 Mobile and they used ShoutOut to ask all the nominees three questions. With more than 100 video responses where nominees showcased their businesses in their own voice. They also posted to their social media for increased reach. ShoutOut was also used at the virtual event itself, the winners were sent a link to record their acceptance speech.


ShoutOut helped to amplify the event via social media videos and gave the nominees a chance to tell their stories on video, simply and quickly.

It was great to publicise the event prior to the evening. At the actual event the buzz of excitement for the winners who recorded their acceptance speech, was captured on video and broadcast widely. ShoutOut added to the atmosphere as it is an instant solution to video production and distribution to so many social media platforms.

It gave the nominees the opportunity to tell their own social following that they won and gave GBEA a repository of video stories of their alumni and documented the journey of the nominees who are the stars of the future.

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