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The Broadcast Awards are the most hotly anticipated event in the television industry calendar. Celebrating the very best in British programming and channels. The awards recognise and reward the UK recognise and reward the UK’s most ground-breaking content, creators and channels. The 2020 Broadcast Awards were hosted at Grosvenor House, London

ShoutOut performed really well and was a welcome addition to the Broadcast Awards.

- Conor Dignam CEO Media Business Insight

Add a new level of live show experience

The Broadcast Awards is a glamorous, invitation-only affair. The social media manager responsible for the Awards wanted to add a new level of viewer accessibility to the live show experience, but still had to maintain control of the content on their official social channels.


ShoutOut Solution

At the 2020 Broadcast Awards, ShoutOut was part of an overall, integrated social media plan. Used off-stage and in the audience to capture candid moments of attendees, nominees and winners, ShoutOut captured the essence of the event in videos of less than 20 seconds. Award recipients revelled in their unedited post-win glow immediately upon leaving the stage; Attendees at tables throughout the event provided an authentic sense of what it was like to be there. As ShoutOut Video was being collected throughout the venue, the social media manager responsible for the Broadcast Awards was stationed centrally to review videos instantly as they were captured. This ‘central command’ model allowed the social manager to pre-program hashtags and handles, and modify the text for each video before sharing out on Twitter in real-time via ShoutOut’s native, embedded Twitter functionality.


ShoutOut Videos were tweeted throughout the event. Award winner videos were tweeted within minutes of leaving the stage. ShoutOut Video instantly added another dimension to the event as the in-venue Twitter-wall lit up with celebrity ShoutOuts auto-played for all to see. ShoutOut was easy to set up and capture, and gave complete control to the social media manager for review and modification before posting online. The raw and concise style of the ShoutOut Videos played perfectly on the Broadcast Awards social media channels, and was a welcome addition to their more traditional video production and summary video.

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