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BizVision helps businesses improve their performance, productivity, and capability through their BV-TV network - a series of online TV channels and podcasts which bring in many inspirational industry leaders.


Contributor-generated promotion

As a channel based around interviews, BV-TV was keen to find interesting ways thier interviewees can promote their participation on the channel to their networks and for BV-TV to put their interviewees at the forefront of BV-TV’s own online marketing.


"We're very excited about our association with ShoutOut, but most importantly, so are our guests"

- Malcolm Gallagher, Director, BizVision

ShoutOut Solution

In ShoutOut, they found a novel solution. It allows BV-TV to send URL’s to their interviewees, who then simply record and upload short video clips from their mobile phones to promote their participation. ShoutOut, then automatically brands these video clips and turns them into finished content in seconds, ready to be shared by the interviewee and the company itself.


BV-TV has been able to use ShoutOut to quickly create a wealth of video content that was not possible before. They are able to use it to promote their channel and expand their viewership. The videos filmed by their interviewees have been used as trailers for future interviews, as well as for a series of ‘I was a guest on BV-TV’ videos, where interviewees can leave a review of their guest appearance on one of BV-TV’s shows. BV-TV also utilises the embeddable gallery function on ShoutOut. This enables them to embed a swipeable video gallery on their website and simply add videos to it whenever they need, so they can build up a repository of useful video content on their website. ShoutOut is an exciting new way to promote podcasts.

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