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Founded in 1993, BBX is a business-to-business tool that finds their businesses new customers and reduces their costs through a Global preferred supplier community. Now operating in 13 countries, with over 97,000 cardholder customers and 38,000 business members in their network, they are the largest business community of its type in the world.


Genuine Testimonials from your customers

When marketing the benefits that BBX offers, there are few things more important for bringing in customers than showing results. Being able to source video testimonials directly from BBX’s members can make all the difference to bringing in new businesses, as video offers a level of authenticity above and beyond a written testimonial.


"Send a URL, record your video, upload it and that’s all! It’s all nicely formatted for you. What a great idea!"

- John Attridge, Founder & CEO, BBX

ShoutOut Solution

ShoutOut makes the creation of these testimonial videos simple and affordable – BBX just send a ShoutOut QR code or URL to their members, who can then record a testimonial directly from their mobile phone. Because ShoutOut creates videos immediately, the members are able to view their finished testimonials just seconds after recording them and share them once they have been approved. The whole process is effortless, easily scalable, and repeatable.


BBX is a wonderful example of how ShoutOut allows you to put your happy customers and members at the heart of your marketing.

With ShoutOut, BBX UK have created a large number of authentic video testimonials that would have been cost prohibitive using more traditional methods. Due to the immediacy of recording on a mobile phone they are also able to capture these testimonials at any time. As the BBX community continues to expand, they can now unleash the power of advocacy and showcase the success stories of their members and customers.

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